Conflict – Ugh! What is it good for?

Image (this me on my walk in the rain to clear my mind last night. I felt a bit like an old Little Red Riding Hood)

Because my 13th Wedding Anniversary is just around the corner, it seems to make perfect sense that me and DH would get into one of the worst arguments we have had in years.

Two years ago, we had to remove our deck and have been left without an outdoor hang out space.  This coming weekend it looks like the stars have aligned the weather gods are smiling upon us and we are all set to start on our patio project this weekend.

Since DH and myself plan things very differently, I thought it was a good idea to sit down after dinner last night and get a gameplan.  After about 2 minutes, it was clear that my language and his language were lightyears apart.  I resorted to my method of thinking of things and got out the trusty dry earse board and draw our plan out.  I think we would both agree that our plans had the same outcome, but the way were got there was way different.

Needless to say, the conversation deteriorated and I am sitting here this morning with having only said a handful of words to DH since last night and wondering how to move forward.

I think conflict is a necessary part of life, but it just doesn’t make it any easier.  Especially when its with someone you love deeply.  In my quest to find the silver lining in each situation, Today is a New Day.  Better for this argument to take place before heavy machinery is here. We will throughly enjoy that patio once it is finished.


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