Are you there Spring?!? It’s Me Sarah!



I woke up this morning to another 4 inches of snow, its April 18.  This precipitation should be falling as rain. I love the snow in let’s say December, January and maybe even February, but as we get closer get to what should be spring the piles of white stuff make me a little crabby. The old saying says “April showers, bring May flowers.” I always assumed it was rain showers.


As I have been working really hard to find the silver lining in any situation, here are a couple of reasons I am happy for the snow:

  1. I get a bit of outdoor cardio. Shoveling is an excellent way to squeak in some cardio and fill the lungs with fresh air!
  2. The precipitation that falls as snow melts slower and will help it to soak into the ground and reduce drought and hopefully help with any flood threats this spring.
  3. I have a couple of more weeks to continue on the Insanity program before I will be baring my arms and legs to the public.
  4. No brown snowbanks! Often this time of year we would be looking at brown dirty snowbanks!  Not around here, we have nice white snowbanks.
  5. No mud is being tracked in the house.  Often this time of year the kids are tracking in dirt and mud from playing outside.  Not now.  Just snow.

Ok, that last one is a stretch.  Yesterday at yoga class we were encouraged to meditate for sunny warm weather.  I encourage all of you to try! Afterall it can’t hurt!


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