Insanity Week 1 and Hair Day 3


So, I am proud to say that I survived my first week of Insanity and I am already seeing results. The muffin top is shrinking and a couple pounds are gone. The biggest adjustment has been the food. I have had to increase my calorie intake by 800-1000 calories, which you think would be counter productive, but its working.

The workouts are challenging, but doable. Again, I am really happy to have developed a moderate level of fitness before I started this. If you are new to fitness or maybe just a casual worker-outter. I would recommend doing Fitness Blender Videos for a couple weeks to get conditioned. They are easy to follow, well produced and best of all, they are FREE!!

The most challenging workout so far has been the Pure Cardio. Most of the Insanity workout are 6-7 minute warmup and then a 5-7 minute stretch followed by 15 minutes of intervals that are 3 minutes on then 30 second of rest. It then finishes with with 3-4 minutes of stretching. Pure cardio messes with your mind a bit. This workout starts the same with the warmup and stretch, but then does 15 minutes straight of intense OUCH!! I don’t know that I have ever sweat that much before. Definitely feeling it today. Tomorrow is a rest day and I am really looking forward to it.


So in my mind, I have always had the most amazing flowing locks of hair. In reality, I have fine, short hair. I finally suffered through a grow out for more than a year, ugh and I am excited to finally be able to wear the I have always wanted. My mom thinks they are awesome as she has always wanted the luxurious flowing hair herself. The hubby and kids aren’t too sure. I sported them out in public for the first time yesterday. (Sidenote: it was a funeral, perhaps not the best place to debut new hair, but its my new look)

Things I was not expecting was to feel a bit weird wearing them. I know they are fake, but have a commentary running in my head if other people think they are. We live in a small town. Anyone who saw me on Tuesday with my short brown hair would see that I now have long blonde hair. My final conclusion is that they make me feel better. I like what they look like and I feel that is what is the most important part.

I will keep you posted on how it goes.



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