Insanity and New Hair

Well, I would first like to apologize my lack of upkeep on this site. I have 2 additional sites that i have been trying to get up an running, but with 3 blogs, I have zero that i have kept up to date.  It makes me sad and mad at myself as lots of exciting things have been going on lately.  Oh well.

As I tell the kids, today is a new day.

Near the first of the year, I embarked on a weight loss fitness/improve my fitness journey.  With the help of my amazing trainer, Geri.  I was able to shed something like 35″ over all in 12 weeks.  I went from walking 30 minutes a day to doing hard interval circuits.  I am stronger and more fit then what i have been in years. Sadly, my training sessions with Geri has expired and now I am left on my own.  OH NOOOOOO!!!

With boat and bathing suit season being just around the corner, I am looking at getting in shape to where I actually want to wear a bathing suit and not something that looks like a Birka.  Enter the Insanity workout

If you have watched any late night TV, you have seen Shaun T and his crew pitching his workout program.  I have to say I was a little scared about trying this, but after watching a portion of the workout on YouTube, I know I can do this.  I am also dragging Paul along in this journey and he’s eagerly coming along for the ride.

Being he is a runner, this interval training is a lot different then the repetitive workouts he has been doing.  I hope my knee holds up with all the jumping I am thinking are ahead.  I am also adopting the eating plan that came with the program.  According to the equation for daily calorie burn, i have been eating any where from 800 to 1000 less then I should for optimal weight loss.  This morning I choked down a bowl of oatmeal with protein powder, fruit and walnuts.  Gag!! We’ll see if I see a difference eating more.

Another exciting event this week is that I will be getting my hair extensions!! I have for my whole life wanted long flowing hair.  Unfortunately, I was morning with fine hair and its ability to grow to any thing other than thin and baby like is not possible.  Can not wait!!

I think this week is going to be a good week!



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