Day 3: Salt Scrub

Day 3 – Salt Scrub

E has been suffering from awfully dry hands this past couple of weeks.  I found this recipe on Pinterest for a nourishing salt scrub.

In this project I used the following:

  • 1 cup Epsom Salt
  • 1/2 cup oil (saffron oil – I am sure you could use other kinds, this is what I had on hand)
  • 5 drops of essential oils
  • small mason jar
  • 1 drop food color

Mix all of the ingredients together and there you have a wonderful smelling salt scrub.

I tested it out on E and he kept saying it felt weird, but his hands feel as close to as they did when he was a baby.  Smooth and supple.

My week continued in the direction is was heading in last week with a broken car and a $650 repair bill.  Seriously, I am living in a very depressing country song: Car broke down, dog died and lost my job.  I am determined to come out of top and better because of everything I have experienced in the past week.  This too shall pass and this too I shall over come.

Dolly Parton – Travlin’ Thru – Click here for Video

I will leave you with this tonight, I have had this song stuck in my head all day.  One I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Dolly and if this doesn’t lift your spirits I don’t what will.


Day 2: Tie Rug

The Tie Rug

So for sometime I have been wanting to make a tie rug for the kids bathroom out of my favorite pair of sheets that got holey. This project took more than one day, I worked on it for 3 to  be exact, but am very happy with the results.

This project was an excellent practice on patience which is something I really struggle with as my ADD usual kicks in and I am one for wanting instant gratification.  There is alot to be learned about powering through and seeing it completed.

For this project I used the following:

  • King Size sheet, cut into 5in by 1in strips
  • Misc left over fabric cut into 5in by 1in squares in this project I used a old pillowcase and an old t-shirt.
  • non-skid rug backer cut to size

I then just randomly tied the strips of fabric to the non-skid mat.

I also took Frank for a walk in on the Pokegama Dam Ski Trails.  Despite the gloomy weather it was a good day for a walk.  Here’s Frank checking out the Mississippi River.  I am pretty sure if I had let him off of his leash he would have launched himself off the side of the river banks.

The walk was a great way for me to mediate and clear my head and enjoy the nature and scenery around me.  So full of inspiration and relaxation.

Day 1: Rhinestone Cowboy Costume


Day 1 – Rhinestone Cowboy Costume (30 Day Creative Practice)

This is by no stretch of the imagination the most profound thing I have ever created, but its a start.  P and I were invited to a halloween party this weekend and the rest of the people we are attending the party with are going as Cowboys and Saloon Girls.

Because P and I enjoy being unconventional, P is going as a Rhinestone cowboy, I am still contemplating dressing up as a olde-thyme saloon owner.  Will keep you posted as to what we decide.

The above costume was made from the following:

  • $0.99 – Cowboy hat from the Salvation Army
  • $0.97 – Wood medallion
  • $3.50 – Metallic Spray Paint
  • $2.99 – Tub of Glitter
  • Rest of the costume will be made up of items we already have around the house including, jeans, boots, shirt and belt to attach the buckle to.

I will be sure to update this post once we complete the look.  For day 1, not too bad.  Have gotten a jump on Day 2 as it might take me a while.  So far so good, I think it will look amazing.

On a side note, I shopped at Salvation Army and Walmart both stores I usually avoid like the plague.  I would also like to mention today was the first day I have worn makeup, jeans and an actual shirt since being laid off. (Yay, to being human again!!!) Let’s just say that the people watching at both establishments was entertaining to say the least and I even saved $60 on my usual grocery shopping list shopping Walmart.  This ex-Target employee gasps at that last statement, but we are on a fixed budget these days.  Who can blame a girl.

Until tomorrow!!


The New Normal

Today makes my first full week of my new ‘normal’ routine.  My first employment-free week.  While losing one’s job is on the list of life’s most traumatic events, I am determined to not let the events of the past week derail my forward progress I have made over the past (almost) year in my year of self-improvement.

What I have learned over the past year is that NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING in life happens by chance.  Each moment, each interaction, each experience is given to us as an opportunity to learn.  The universe gives us all the tools we need to be happy, we just need to pay attention.

So here we are, Old Sarah would have fallen into a disgusting spiral of anger, shame and self-loathing.  New me is looking for the silver-lining.  Here’s what I have learned so far:

It’s Better to Have Loved and Lost . . .

Our family experienced its first loss with the death of our beloved dog, Beans.  Its been a trying time for the kids, as they haven’t had to deal with the death of a non-furry loved one, but I feel fortunate we got to navigate the emotions of grieving on Beans.  We have had some rather candid conversations of what happens when you die, what we do with the body after death and appropriate ways to memorialize him.  E even found a way to make me snap out of my intermittent crying with a comment asking since Beans had been cremated, should we call him Baked Beans.  Totally inappropriate, but a great way to clear the air.  Kids are way more resilient they we give them credit for.

Beans provided a great deal of laughter, fine cuddles and memorable moments. Especially his uncanny ability to punctuate his feelings by defecating or urinating on you or your most prized possessions.  I am very blessed to have spent 11 years with him and as an acquaintance said to me at yoga the other day, I hope Beans spirit finds me again in this life.

You Spend a Whole Hell of A lot of Time at Work, Make Sure You Enjoy It!

I HATED my job.  I dreaded Mondays, I counted down the hours until Friday and wished away weeks of my life.  It wasn’t that I disliked the people, in-fact, they were the main reason I stayed longer than I should have.

I reported to a boss for the lack of any other reasonable explanation, didn’t get me and never really cared to. I kept an actual calendar with our interactions.  I once went 2 months without her even returning a good-morning or hello to me.  The universe had been telling me over and over and over again that it was time to move on, but I fought it and finally on October 16th, I was told that my position had been abolished and to collect some of my things and to find the door.  Nice.

Had I quit like I had originally planned, I wouldn’t have gotten the generous severance package I received nor would I be able to collect unemployment while I contemplate (again) the  answer to the question of what I want to do when I grow up.  What I can tell you the next job will not require me to compromise my moral beliefs, nor will be a place I feel embarrassed to say I was employed. Nor will I dread going there day in and day out.

And the Journey Begins

I plan to use this blog to help me navigate my next move in life and as a platform to evaluate past experiences that I feel have brought me to where I am today.  Tomorrow I plan on starting a 30 day practice to create something every day for 30 days as a way to regain some of the creative juices I feel have been sucked from me from my unfulfilling job.

To start they 30 day practice, I started with a new look.  Here’s my sassy new hairstyle. Thanks Bridg, for the do!  Who said a new hairdo can’t make you feel like a new woman!

Good Night and Namaste Friends!