Times They are a Changing

I am writing this as I sit at our kitchen table listening to a group of 8 year old blaring Ke$ha on the radio and creating what sounds like a fairly elaborate dance routine. Hearing them in the basement has brought a huge flash back of memories (both good and bad) of years gone by.

Fundamentally, girls have not changed since I was 8, in groups they giggle, whisper and unfortunately gossip and manipulate each other. I would like to say that changes, but it doesn’t the giggling just get louder and the gossiping just get worse and the manipulating gets more crafty. My delusions of a smarter more forgiving generation are fading quickly. But that isn’t the reason for this post.

What is most surprising to me and this first sleep over is the amount of technology that was present even on the ride home. Our home is now filled with an extra iPad, iPod and a Nook. Upon driving into our driveway, I was asked if Sarah_Home was ours and if they could get the password for our wifi. My children both have laptops that were supposed to be used exclusively reading assignments and have since been taking away when more gameplay then reading was being done on them.

This was the sight I saw when I woke up with morning. 3 girls side-by-side, connected to technology.


I think technology is great and my iPhone is glued to my side way more than I care to admit. Kids today are growing up fast.  Too fast and before you know it, they will be sitting next to each other texting rather than actually talking. Not sure what the solution is to getting kids to spend time face to face, but think the first step is as parents we check the electronics at the door and lead by example.