Hello, My name is Sarah and I am a sew-a-holic.

Olivia for the past couple of months has desperately wanted to sew and design her own clothing.  In fact, she received a creative award from her Kindergarten teacher in which she was named a future fashion designer.  Not 100% sure where this came from, but as we say here in the Bignall Family, “Let your freak flag fly!”

On a recent trip to Duluth we purchased a small and crappy sewing machine.  Seriously, this is one of the WORST creations ever.  Trying not to discourage Olivia’s creativity, I fashioned a dress form for her American Girl doll out of duct tape and batting.  Olivia went crazy on making her own creations, but still struggled with the construction of them once she got them pinned on there. Enter my obsessive compulsiveness.

The Addiction Takes Hold

It all started quite innocently as all addictions do I am sure, it started small.  Feeling inspired by some upcylced clothing Liv and I saw, we set out to design some re-purposed clothing of our own.  We started with an old tank and came up with this creations which I like to say is Grecian inspired.  Very cute, its all innocent enough

I just need one more fix . . .

Grecian dress turned into racer back dress, which turned into a small wrap, which turned into a me cutting up my old Poison t-shirt for a rocker look.  I then found myself savaging the house for the perfect shade of red in a 100% cotton jersey knit shirt.  Sure I might have just bought that last month, but it was for a good cause.  Right . . .

I would like to share with you that the obsession stopped there, but no.  It did not.

I need to be  fair to both kids. The kids, right .. .

Ethan started feeling left out my all the creations that were being made so I HAD to make him something. This sparked a series of original creations.  And the addiction continued to grow.

These sleep pants turned into this. A simple pillowcase dress that needed to be jazzed up a bit.

And Here We Are

I would like to say that I stopped there, but I didn’t.  I ended up creating another dress for Liv off the same pillowcase this morning on a rare morning off of work.   I had intended to clean the house, workout or do something else otherwise productive, but instead I made another dress.

While I know spending this much time crafting is probably a bit compulsive, it has been a great stress reliever and I have found that the creativity I thought I had lost so many years ago is still there inside me.  I fully intend on scaling back the creations as 7 pieces in 4 days is a bit ridiculous, but like any junkie, I won’t give it completely up.