Sarah’s Adventures in Weight Loss – Zumba

ZumbaFor years I have struggled to get and remain in shape.  I get motivated, I loose some weight, I loose motivation and I end up where I started.  It’s a nasty cycle that seems to continue. In my attempt in creating my “New Leaf,” my mental, physical and spiritual self is also being tackled in this process.

For the most part I eat healthy, I perhaps enjoy evening cocktails too much, but a girl has to have her vices, right?  I know my definite downfall is the lack of CONSISTENT activity and exercise. This week I decided to schedule workouts into my weekly planner starting with a modest 3 days a week and hope to work towards 5 days a week.

Yesterday, I decided to try the Zumba class at the Y.  While I skeptical and thought I would be the oldest person in the class, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the instructor was a classmate of mine and in fact I was probably one of the younger ones there.

The class was fast paced and fun.  It was sort of like being on a set of a movie where everyone spontaneously breaks out into song and dance. Best part was (according to my Garmin HRM) I burned an impressive 447 calories!!

Not bad, I plan on returning next week to burn some more calories.  And thanks Aubrey for the workout!


A Case of the Crabbies

Have you ever woke up and knew that today was is going to be a bad day?  I did and it started with dreams about math problems.

Within the first hour of waking, I managed to dump a gallon of water on the floor when the lid on the dog fountain didn’t latch, my new laptop bag was 1/2 inch too small to fit my laptop AND Ethan managed to cut his finger on a pair of child-safe scissors.

In the scheme of things, all of these aren’t a big deal.  Everyone in the family is well and healthy.  I have a roof over my head and food to eat.  Still I was in a foul mood for the better part of 2 days.  Is this just a mom’s coping mechanism?

New Leaf – Evening Prepping

There is nothing worse than starting your day off my frantically looking for the lost ballet slipper all while trying to get yourself and the kids ready.  Backpack, lunch bag, brief case packed and hopefully you made it out the door with everything you need.

I have started prepping everything the night before from lunches to outfits, everything is all ready to roll, so it’s just a matter of grabbing and going.  I have also involved Liv in packing her lunch and picking out her outfits so there isn’t any dispute come the morning.

With two weeks down, it has worked like a charm.  The evenings I have been to lazy to prep, I have really paid for it in the morning.  Goes to show that a little planning can go a long way.

Are you feeling ok?

We were invited to a friends house for a BBQ on Saturday.  With my anxiety at an all time high about Olivia’s first day of school,  I thought an evening to unwind would be perfect. Some adult conversation and the kids can hang out with some new friends.

While chatting with my friend Danielle, I noticed a small rashy area that itched like crazy.  Since we had been outside I chalked it up to nothing more than a bug bite.  As I was talking to Danielle she stopped to ask if I was feeling ok.  I said sure, why.  I looked down and both of my arms and chest were covered in hives.

I went in the house and Megan graciously gave me some anti-histamine caplets and spray.  My anxiety of Liv entering Kindergarten had actually caused me to break out in hives!!!  Hives!  Talk about a stress load.  Thankful this then prompt a much needed conversation with the other mom’s about sending their babies off to kindergarten.  After this I felt much better that I will survive the first day of school.  Thanks other moms for the support!!!

New Leaf – Kid Vision

I seem to be constantly annoyed on the amount of kids stuff that ends up on the floor.  While flipping through Pottery Barn Kids I noticed that all the coat hooks were at kid level.  DUH!!

After a trip to Target, I acquired 2 hooks for right inside the door at Liv and Ethan’s height.  Another 2 hooks went into each of the kids bedrooms for activity bags were the kids dance outfits, piano books, etc could be hung.  An added bonus was stackable bins that will be used to catch the kids shoes and school books as they come in.

So far the kids have been putting shoes away in the bins, we’ll see how the bins for schoolwork work once school is in session.

Marry me Julian?

Liv has a recent obsession with Taylor Swift and the song “Lovestory.”  Listening to her sing along the other day, she kept saying.  ‘Marry me Julian, you’ll never have to be alone.’  I asked, do you mean Juliet.  Liv in her usually sassiness said, “No Mom, Taylor must really like King Julian and wants to marry him.”  Of course, who wouldn’t.