New Leaf – Piles of Stuff

Step 1 in operation “New Leaf” was to eliminate and manage the never ending piles of stuff that come into our lives.  Some stuff we need, much is unsolicited and just shows up.

I found this site that said like every company or organization, a home needs a household manager.  They also made a recommendation for making a household binder that would become your go to place for all things you need day-to-day or even on a monthly basis.

This weekend I gathered all the piles of paper and junk that has accumulated over time and threw it all into 2 laundry baskets.  With the help of Paul to sort and the kids running the paper shredder we were able to get the seemingly endless supply of paper into 3 binders – 1 for all the kids stuff (school calendars, pre-school contracts, etc) 1 for all the household items (bills, statements, etc) 1 for day-to-day life (master household calendar, weekly menu plan, etc)

Now that everything is in one place, it was nice to get the mail on Saturday and see that Liv’s official bus schedule was in there and know the exact place that it belongs in. Let’s hope that the binders continue to be a greater part of our lives and will eliminate the time spent looking for things or the anxiety I feel having to look at piles of stuff.


The New Leaf

As the days ticked down to Liv starting Kindergarten, I found myself in a downward spiral of panic and anxiety.  Upon reflection or perhaps in attempt to keep my mind off the fact that my baby is old enough to enter Kindergarten, I decided I was going to turn a new leaf.

No more piles of mail and kid artwork.  No more time wasted searching for dance outfits.  No more scrambling to decide what to make for dinner.  I had enough and wanted to make the most of the time I had with my family and eliminate the chaos of the mornings and meal time.

Stayed tuned on how the “New Leaf” is doing.